Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Don't let your medical practice billing department drop the ball when it comes to great customer service.

Fee-for-service reimbursement continues to fall. To survive, practices must explore new opportunities to boost revenue. Let us help you decide the right fit for your practice.

The results of our annual Fee Schedule Survey are here. See where your practice stacks up when it comes to payment for top codes.

Keeping A/R within healthy limits will become more difficult as health reform rolls out. Here are nine steps your practice can take to collect all that it is due.

It's time to take patient collections out of physicians' practices to truly have patients make responsible choices about their healthcare dollars.

Where do you draw the line between good patient service and compromising your medical practice policies? Here's some advice.

This is the year Obamacare becomes real for the general public. The day of reckoning with their employers comes later. Physicians are in the middle.


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