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2011 Staff Salary Survey Data

2011 Staff Salary Survey Data

  • Responding to our 2011 Staff Salary Survey were 480 physicians and managers from private practices of all specialties, sizes, and locations. The respondents represented mostly small practices: 75 percent had five or fewer physicians, and two-thirds had 10 or fewer staff. The data here reflect national averages.


I am an PN-NP and I recently left my primary care Internist (as a patient) because she had a Medical Assistant doing her phone triage.
Pretty bad when I knew more than her MA and could not get her to have the Internist call me back.
Kathy Sontag-Chiocca @
Very surprised at the difference between NP and PA in South Central survey. NP has more education and usually has been "on the job" prior to becoming a NP. PAs must be supervised closer, can't write certain scripts. The abilities are far more with an NP. We have 5 mid levels, 3 NPs, 2 PAs.

Donna Jones @
Our data does not include certified coders, but the AAPC has a great survey they do each year.
Here is a link to the 2010 data: http://news.aapc.com/index.php/2010/12/2010-salary-survey/ .
Hope it helps.
Keith L. Martin
Managing Editor
Physicians Practice
Keith Martin @
I was wanting some information on salary averages for certified coders in state of Tennessee
Teresa Courtny @
Southeast Billing Manager 11-20 years exp $47,989.67 but 20+years is only $41833.33????
Rhonda Sweeney @
When I looked over the salary survey, I noticed that the billing manager salary was irregular. I looked at the South Central region as well as the North Central and West and the salary starts out, goes up, and then drops with experience? this can't be right or it's an interesting aberration on all these surveys.

Pat in Texas

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