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Texas was one of the five Best States to Practice. Dr. Carlos Cardenas talks to us about what makes it so friendly to physicians.


A physician assistant specializing in treating addiction shares some of the ways she spots drug seekers and addicts on the job.

This doctor went from being an average MD to an outstanding one, simply by moving across state lines.


Don't allow new patients to wait 30 minutes because of an outdated intake process, here are ways to make it more efficient.

Smooth the path to retirementYou've worked hard building a career. You've charted a path through the golden years. Learn how to avoid risks of regulation oversight.


If you think non-compliance with Stark Law is no big deal, think again. There are consequences for ignoring it.

From not blaming everything on the EHR to taking care of yourself, a few strategies to improve your symptoms of physician burnout.


Physician burnout is a serious problem. Here's how to recognize when it's a problem at your practice.


Are changing job titles causing physicians to lose their sense of professional identity? This doc seeks answers.

Here is an in-depth look at the top five and bottom five performing states in all Best States to Practice categories.


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