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Keep an eye out for these four scenarios at your practice to avoid being the victim of embezzlement.

Learn from victimized practices and protect your own office from theft with these simple strategies.

Creating access to quality patient care at a reasonable cost requires a systematic approach that involves both physicians and staff members.

One physician describes how her former practice closed its doors after its chief financial officer led it to financial ruin.


Not everything becomes a viable threat, but you can never be too cautious in protecting yourself, your family, your practice, and your reputation.

“Pulse far exceeded our expectations, and we were able to stabilize our cash flow in a third of the anticipated time.” – Derek Armstrong, CEO

“Pulse listens to us, takes our input, and makes the changes we need. It’s a wonderful relationship.” – Dr. Rebecca Fox, Loudoun Pediatric Associates

Are you seeking an administrative and financial solution for your practice? Independence does not mean you have to go it alone.

Our coding expert discusses coding for unspecified diagnosis at the time of encounter; a problem-focused exam; and scribe services.

As a physician, I depend on my clinical team to take care of the busy work. But I have a problem when staff make medical decisions without my input.


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