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It can cost up to 10 percent of the value of a home to live in it each year. Here are a few ways home ownership adds up.


The inherent flaws in this doctor’s EHR system has created an ethical dilemma, which he says cannot be solved.

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Here are six steps to protect yourself and your practice from malpractice suits stemming from a patient's prescription addiction.

Practice-payer alignment is more important than ever before and should involve a third party: your health IT vendors. Here's why.


In a changing healthcare environment, it’s important for physicians, PAs, and everyone else in the care team to get on the same page.


Here are 11 tips to ensure your practice will be on track for a successful ICD-10 transition come Oct. 1, 2015 and beyond.

Effective communication is essential for delivering quality patient care and establishing a good relationship. Here are eight tips to help.


Find out what the recent agreement between the AMA and CMS means for physicians going forward.


Being angry at a patient isn’t constructive. Instead, use these tips to manage a patient’s unrealistic expectations

When managing their practices, a lot of very good doctors make bad business decisions because they lack the same data-driven rigor they give to patients.


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