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The shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines jet over Ukraine may have an effect on the health of the world's citizens for years to come.

The most tangible benefit of meditation is the sense of calm and peace, even balance that you feel. It is also a great technique to foster the art of customer service.

Physicians have a multitude of options when structuring ACOs. Make sure you understand all the legal requirements before committing your practice.

With costs front and center for patients, in simple and stark terms: If you can’t deliver what the consumer perceives as quality, you will lose.

2014 is the year when physicians have to make some tough decisions to keep their practices afloat. There are multiple obstacles to endure in order to stay profitable and meet regulatory compliance deadlines.Did you know?

Illness can lead to trying and often tender times for patients and their loved ones. Here are five ways physicians can manage intimate patient encounters.

It's no secret that the United States is facing a serious physician shortage. But how far should we go to ensure adequate access to patient care?

When medical staff members do not perform tasks properly, it drives down productivity and profits. Here's how to gauge the size of the problem and resolve it.

Most physicians struggle to find balance between work and home, but it's not as difficult as you might think. Here experts share their top tips.

Carrying and using a weapon for self defense while in a professional environment can bring grave consequences; both for physicians and their institutions. Be aware of legal provisions in your state.


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