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Understanding and implementing value-based compensation models can be daunting.

Thanks to its low barrier of entry and popularity with patients, telemedicine is quickly becoming commonplace for independent practices and hospitals alike.

How can we combat some of the problems that are arising due to EHRs? Here’s my prescription.

Many medical groups see the value of data analysis and benchmarking but don’t know how to leverage data optimally to improve their bottom lines.

The Anthem data breach illustrates the need for physicians to outline protocols in their practice to comply with new HIPAA reporting requirements.

Our healthcare system is fragmented, misaligned, full of conflicts of interest, and tragically ineffective. Here are four strategies to fix it.

Apologizing to a patient when an error occurs is critical to reducing malpractice risks, but it's very difficult to do the right way. Here are some tips.

Four key physician-patient communication problems increase the likelihood of a lawsuit. Here's what they are, and how to avoid them.

Providing excellent clinical care can reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit, but the clinical side is not the only area to focus on.

Taking time to build quality interactions with your patients can actually save you time, and help you become a more effective physician.


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