Health care reform, the patient-centered medical home, and the impact of environmental change on global health are just a few of the topics to be discussed at the Internal Medicine 2009 Medicine 2009 in Philadelphia this week.

(OARSI2015) Musculoskeletal signs predict which patients will do poorly after joint replacement surgery, but the Medicare agency does not include these in rating hospitals. The information could also be useful for surgeons and patients, says this investigator.

Making a few simple changes to your cash-handling procedures can potentially save your practice thousands of dollars.

New ACR/EULAR criteria for systemic sclerosis capture patients who present with Raynaud syndrome. Watch for those who have sclerodacytly or telangectasia.

Novel oral anticoagulant myths debunked

No monitoring necessary; don't use them before electrical cardioversion; and count them out for periprocedural use during AF ablation. Really?

QUIZ: What is your diagnosis based on these fetal echo images?

(OARSI2015) What advice about exercise is prudent for your patients with knee osteoarthritis? Speakers in Seattle offered a few simple suggestions, based on the latest research.

Guidelines just say "no" to anticoagulation for persons with atrial fibrillation age

Physicians are expected to keep personal emotion distanced. Yet, even as we care deeply for our patients, we fail to do the same for ourselves.

Applying radiology peer review to child’s play.


The ICD-10 coding system goes into effect October 1, but you may not be totally finished with the old codes for several weeks.

This novel study examines the effect of adding another oral agent, rather than insulin, to patients with type 2 diabetes not controlled on metformin plus exenatide.

Analysis of data from clinical trials as TB screening protocols changed shows the value of testing for tuberculosis when treating patients for rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis or spondyloarthropathies with certolizumab pegol.

With the increased buzz around the direct primary care model, here's what you need to know about the private healthcare transition.

The cost for noncontrast CT scans varies quite a bit, but information on pricing is usually easily to obtain.

Identifying the important role of imaging in the new era of precision medicine.

Providers put so much thought and incredible amounts of resources into assuring that they are delivering an optimal standard of care.

The constant rate of change in the healthcare financial landscape makes it more critical than ever to ensure that your internal practices, and external partners, are in proper alignment.


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