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Which states do physicians prosper in? Click on any state to get our complete analysis of how "physician friendly" it is.

Health care reform, the patient-centered medical home, and the impact of environmental change on global health are just a few of the topics to be discussed at the Internal Medicine 2009 Medicine 2009 in Philadelphia this week.

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When redesigning a practice to improve efficiency, it’s important for this doctor to institute a model that maintains closer relations with patients.

CHICAGO—Advice for radiologists on communicating effectively with patients.

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The ICD-10 transition will continue into the next year for practices. Here are some tips you’ll need to take in 2016.

CHICAGO—The effect of expanded Medicaid to allow screening access on rates of breast cancer screening.

In the age of large health systems, retail clinics, and urgent-care facilities, it’s getting harder for independent primary-care practices to recruit and retain patients. This eBook should help ensure your practice doesn’t get left behind.

By: John Kim

If you are trying to reach patients online, you need a website. One of the keys to success with your website is the title tags. Learn how to use title tags in this short video.

By: Lea Chatham
Healthcare demand is growing, resulting in lots of job opportunities. Discover the unique opportunities that small practices can offer new employees.

By: Steph Weber

Finding qualified staff, particularly on a limited budget, is challenging and time-consuming. Here is how to recruit employees in the 21st century.

CHICAGO—MRI shows that the knee and ankle cartilage of long-distance runners can regenerate.

CHICAGO—Experts at RSNA 2015 look to data to improve care.

You may think you and your staff are on top of this problem. Results of a survey performed during a pertussis outbreak may help you think twice.


With a dearth of coders thanks to the ICD-10 transition, some practices find that training current staff is the best way to get good coders.

Microorganisms encountered during early-life animal exposure may increase risk for respiratory infections but also decrease risk of asthma via immune modulation.

Black populations may be disproportionately affected by LABA risks. A new study finds replacement of LABA with tiotropium did not improve outcomes.

CHICAGO—MRI allows physicians to monitor the protective effect of weight loss on knee cartilage.

We asked physicians and administrators what their resolutions were for 2016, either personal or professional. Here's what they said.

CHICAGO—MRI shows abnormal cerebral blood flow even if concussed athletes clinically ready to return to sport.


On Friday the 13th, a ruling against the FTC was a stroke of good luck for the rest of the healthcare industry, which is already overregulated.


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