Audrey "christie" Mclaughlin, RN

Audrey "christie" Mclaughlin, RN

Audrey “Christie” McLaughlin empowers physicians to grow their practices and better the lives of the patients they serve. Audrey is the CEO of McLaughlin Sales Group LLC, creator of the series Customer Service from the HEART, and creator of, a sales and consulting firm that specializes in the business of medicine. Audrey has more than 12 years of experience in helping physicians and hospitals provide the best medical care while growing revenue and keeping costs down. She is an expert, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and is active volunteer in her community. E-mail her here.


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Don't take your patients or their business for granted. One of the best marketing strategies is to engage patients on a personal level.

Patients are foremost people and they sincerely appreciate caring physicians and staff members. Don't forget to build customer service into your daily practice.

Many doctors feel that promoting their practice is unprofessional. Instead, think of it as a way to help you provide excellent care to established and potential patients.

Here are five marketing tips that work like magic to grow your patient base, through engaging with your community.

Some patients are choosing to drive long distances to continue seeing a trusted physician who has moved. But is it OK to retain a "back up" physician, just in case?

Marketing your practice can be as easy as making an appearance at a community event, or developing a new website. The important thing is to get started.

The most tangible benefit of meditation is the sense of calm and peace, even balance that you feel. It is also a great technique to foster the art of customer service.

Advertising on Facebook is the most effective and targeted way to promote your medical practice.

Does your practice have e-mail etiquette issues? Here are some etiquette tips for intra-office or patient e-mails.

Here are some easy ways to improve productivity and empower your staff members.


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