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Ericka L. Adler

Ericka L. Adler

Ericka L. Adler is a partner at the firm of Roetzel & Andress. Her primary practice focus is in the areas of regulatory and transactional healthcare law. Adler advises physicians and other providers regarding day-to-day practice management, physician contract matters, compliance and other business issues. E-mail her here.

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Here are different ways practices can avoid major billing errors that could lead to HIPAA violations and identity theft.

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As a doc, if you’ve come up with a great invention, you might be contractually obligated to hand over that IP to your employer. Here’s how to avoid that.


Young doctors are eager to start their career. However, don’t just sign your offer contract without taking these pieces of advice into account.

Just because “nothing has changed,” doesn’t mean annual HR and compliance training should be avoided. Training can be easily forgotten.


There are ways for physicians to avoid filing a report to the National Practitioner Databank (NPDB) when they are being sued for malpractice.

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Practices are sometimes eager to introduce new technologies to patients, but first they must look to see if it could truly benefit their population.


What is “clawback” language? It can be used by employers to make physicians recoup demands from federal and private payers.

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Staff members play an important role in a physician practice, but can also hurt its reputation. Make sure intolerance is not welcome at your practice.

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With many doctors interested in getting involved with some kind of telehealth model, it’s important to know the legal and reimbursement limitations.


Practices that are not ready for ICD-10 will have to deal with significant issues, so it’s time for them to seek guidance from payers and others.


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