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Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt, JD, is a Dallas-based health lawyer with the firm of Friedman & Feiger, and executive director of the Texas Health Lawyers Association. He represents physicians, practices, and others in cases involving Stark Law, state and federal regulations, Medicare fraud and abuse compliance, as well as healthcare litigation and contracts. E-mail him here.



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Stricter government standards for the FCA suggest that physicians who do not meet all measures of compliance could be required to refund claims payment.

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CMS has altered rules around payments to hospital based outpatient departments (HOPDs), which could have an effect on a practice's value to hospitals.

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Government and commercial insurers have different policies practices must know about waiving copayments. What do practices have to know?

The personal services safe harbor law exists to protect physicians from prosecution when they receive payments for legitimate services.

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What do physicians have to know about non-compete clauses in their contracts? Here's some information on the common contract device.


More administrators are threatening to kick providers out of a preferred provider network. Here's tips on how to avoid this fate.


Insurance plans are using the audit process to recoup payments for services which were preauthorized, based on charting. What should practices know?


On Friday the 13th, a ruling against the FTC was a stroke of good luck for the rest of the healthcare industry, which is already overregulated.


A recent case alleges one lab paid physicians improper fees to use their services. Make sure the same isn't happening at your practice.


Doctors have a lot of valuable personal and professional data on their laptops and other devices. Here are five simple ways to keep that data secure.


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