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Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt, JD, is a Dallas-based health lawyer with the firm of Friedman & Feiger, and executive director of the Texas Health Lawyers Association. He represents physicians, practices, and others in cases involving Stark Law, state and federal regulations, Medicare fraud and abuse compliance, as well as healthcare litigation and contracts. E-mail him here.



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As more practices implement EHRs, more are employing medical records scribes. Here's why your practice might want to consider it.

No matter how cleverly structured, schemes to circumvent Stark Law are risky for physicians, and the consequences of failing to comply can be devastating.

A government takeover of healthcare would affect more than availability of care. It would affect how healthcare providers respond to meet consumer expectations.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins explains the true cost of uncompensated care and how a healthcare reform coalition is aiding Texas patients and physicians.

Texas is a prime example of a state refusing federal funding for Medicaid out of misplaced principals that in the end hurt access to care.

Medical practices should be aware of all National Patient Safety Goals, but especially these four in their daily operations.

Wealth manager Scott Wisniewski offers physicians tips for saving for retirement.

A recent court case in Texas looks at what defines a "serious" attempt at collecting copays before forgiving the debt. Here's what your practice should do.

With greater regularity, physicians and hospitals are receiving letters requesting proof of collection, or a sufficient attempt to collect, patient fees.

The Drug Quality and Security Act is important to physicians, both as prescribers and as passive investors in compounding pharmacies.


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