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Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt, JD, is a Dallas-based health lawyer with the firm of Friedman & Feiger, and executive director of the Texas Health Lawyers Association. He represents physicians, practices, and others in cases involving Stark Law, state and federal regulations, Medicare fraud and abuse compliance, as well as healthcare litigation and contracts. E-mail him here.



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UnitedHealthcare cites "funding pressure" as the reason for termination of contracts with Medicare C providers across 10 states.

Payers are cracking down on routine copay waivers. Here's what your practice needs to know.

Huge government fines designed to punish marketing tactics are almost unique to the field of medicine because of the third-party payer system.

Executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons explains the group’s latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act.

Need to “fire” a patient for non-payment or disruptive behavior? There are ethical principles to consider.

Virtually every federal regulatory concern currently plaguing the modern practice of medicine also existed in some form in the 1950s.

Attorney Robert Feiger explains asset protection for physicians and the ideal time to start finding a partner to protect personal wealth.

As we begin to correct bugs in health insurance exchanges, it is time to also give some thought to reducing the amount paid by each solo physician to get paid.

Physician wealth management expert Scott Wisniewski explains the decision to sell a private practice with an eye toward retirement.

Perhaps it would be better to put doctors in charge of patient care, rather than paint-by-number regulations.


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