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P.J. Cloud-Moulds

P.J. Cloud-Moulds

P.J. Cloud-Moulds runs Turnaround Medical AR Recovery, a consulting firm focused on helping physicians realize the potential of their private practice. She has nearly nine years experience identifying and implementing tested technique to turn around a company's bottom line. E-mail her here.

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With the California Insurance Commissioner recommending the DOJ block the Anthem-Cigna merger, it seems that patients are finally being put first.

Patients can understand so little about their health plan that the billing department is automatically blamed when something goes wrong.

Spending a few minutes explaining health insurance benefits to patients prior to the appointment should become a requirement.

When you read reviews on online review sites, you typically read about the physician. But have you ever read how awesome the billing experience was?

By providing employees non-traditional incentives, you open up the door to a much happier and relaxed working environment.

Medical practices must make it a point to periodically review payer websites and make sure that their information is correct.

When you look at your cash inflow each month, are you disappointed? That's why it is so important to identify why your claims are being denied.

Enrolling or revalidating clinical staff in Medicare just became much easier for this billing services provider.

By making a few, very low-cost changes in your practice, your level of customer service will rise quickly in the eyes of your patients.

By having an exact plan of action in place, your company will suffer less from insurance company abuse and mistreatment, and you'll be managing them, instead of them managing you.


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