P.J. Cloud-Moulds

P.J. Cloud-Moulds

P.J. Cloud-Moulds runs Turnaround Medical AR Recovery, a consulting firm focused on helping physicians realize the potential of their private practice. She has nearly nine years experience identifying and implementing tested technique to turn around a company's bottom line. E-mail her here.

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Five Things to Never Say to Medical Practice Staff

If you are struggling to increase productivity from your staff, one thing you can do is take a step back and evaluate how you communicate with them.

If your medical practice wants to get paid for services, make sure that you understand your true responsibility to the patient, and for working with the insurance company.

If your medical practice wants to get paid for services, do not accept financial responsibility for medical expenses that your patients incur.

Just a few changes in your operations can create a whole new atmosphere for your patients and encourage them to return to your practice.

Knowing payers' timely filing deadlines can increase your revenue. Here's how you can work around them.

Having a solid plan in place and not panicking is key when you find yourself suddenly out of network with a popular insurance company.

Finding the best resource to pull together and analyze pertinent practice data is a great step in making the best decisions for your business.

Outsourcing your billing to a third-party billing company doesn't have to hurt. Good communication is key; here are the important questions you should be asking.

When creating year-end reports, it's best to keep a positive outlook and prepare to propose solutions.

As the New Year approaches, it is best to re-verify patients' insurance benefits to avoid a poor customer experience.


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