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P.J. Cloud-Moulds

P.J. Cloud-Moulds

P.J. Cloud-Moulds runs Turnaround Medical AR Recovery, a consulting firm focused on helping physicians realize the potential of their private practice. She has nearly nine years experience identifying and implementing tested technique to turn around a company's bottom line. E-mail her here.

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Interacting with new staff both inside and outside of work can create some truly dynamic teamwork.

Getting patients in the door is critical to your practice's success. Are you doing everything you can to make this happen?

Taming your practice's accounts receivable can feel very overwhelming. Here are some great tips to make that task nearly effortless.

There are multiple health insurance plan mergers looming right now, here's how they may affect your practice.

By reviewing your fee schedule and comparing it to accounts receivable, you may find hidden money that you didn't know about.


If you believe billing processes need improvement in your practice, start by looking at the component steps of each task.

Making a few simple changes to your cash-handling procedures can potentially save your practice thousands of dollars.

Having a great collections management policy in place at your practice can serve you very well, and keep your accounts receivable on track.

Close communication with patients is vital to good collections. Send a collection letter after three failed statements, so patients know you mean business.

Identifying your medical team's value to the practice and communicating that properly can yield amazing results.


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