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The Affordable Care Act will broaden the government’s efforts to detect Medicare overpayments and fraud, and will require you to implement a formal compliance plan. Here’s how to get ready.

Do you know what a PHR is? Hint: It's not another term for an EHR. A personal health record is patient-facing and patients are increasingly coming to expect it. Here's what you need to know about how these tools can help you engage patients in their own care.

The latest data from PayerView, the annual ranking of insurers from billing services and software company athenahealth, shows payer performance in decline. But what about your payers? Here's advice on how to monitor the performance of your own top payers, plus key data from national and regional payers.

An EHR installation is only the halfway point between overflowing filing cabinets and a truly digitized practice. Here's what comes next.

It's not just the software that makes an EHR tick; it's also the vendor behind it. Here's how to find out if you and the vendor are truly a perfect match.

Our latest analysis of the annual ranking of payers based on hassle factor is here. The good news: Most insurers are paying faster, denying less, and making their processes more transparent. But there's still room for improvement.

To stay safe and weed out the billing and collections problems stifling your practice's revenue stream, our experts recommend a "bottom-to-top" assessment of your entire billing operation.

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