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Susanne Madden

Susanne Madden

Susanne Madden, MBA, is founder and CEO of The Verden Group, a consulting and business intelligence firm that specializes in practice management, physician education, and healthcare policy. She is also COO, National Breastfeeding Center, and cofounder, Patient Centered Solutions. She can be reached at madden@theverdengroup.com or by visiting www.theverdengroup.com.

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For small practices, the ongoing monthly costs of an EHR may simply not be affordable. So what alternatives are out there?

A company's mission statement should represent the core values and ideals of the founders' vision for their practice.

No employer ― medical practice or otherwise ― is too small to need a comprehensive employee manual. Is it time to update yours?

As medical reimbursements continue to dwindle, the value proposition for participating in insurance plans becomes increasingly weak. Why not break with tradition and contract directly with employers? Here's how to get started.

Use technology to free your staff and patients from non-urgent phone calls

Even if your practice has a knack for hiring the best doctors, putting the focus on how well they fit is the best retention strategy.


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