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Why Physicians Should Practice Medicine in Maine

Why Physicians Should Practice Medicine in Maine

For those who love cooler, seasonal climes and beautiful coastlines, Maine is paradise.Robert Grover

Solo OB/GYN Robert Grover, who practices in Bangor, Maine, acknowledges these aspects as positives, but says they come with a price: It’s tougher and tougher for physicians to stay independent and practice medicine.

"Maine, unfortunately, has a tremendous amount of [Medicaid] and Medicare, as well as a high amount of uninsured and underinsured people, especially in Northern Maine…," said Grover, who is a native of the state. "…Southern Maine is more affluent, it’s just a different environment … Private practice is pretty much dead up here [in the northern part of the state]; most everybody up here is working for the hospitals."

In this podcast, Grover told Physicians Practice what he likes — and more of what he'd change — about practicing medicine in Maine.

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