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Why Physicians Should Practice Medicine in Michigan

Why Physicians Should Practice Medicine in Michigan

Family medicine physician Saroj Misra loves a lot of things about practicing medicine in Detroit, not the least of which is the patient and demographic diversity.Saroj Misra

But the Warren, Mich.-based doctor doesn’t think living there isn’t without its challenges, which translate to the exam room.

"As an osteopathic physician … practicing in Michigan is probably a little bit easier because there is a strong appreciation and sense of understanding about osteopathic medicine," Misra told Physicians Practice. "…In Michigan, as you’re probably aware, the city of Detroit just went bankrupt …   we have a population that is progressively becoming more and more dependent upon Medicaid and Medicare for their services, and, as you know, that can often limit the ability of a physician to prescribe medications, order diagnostic testing, and so on and so forth. And that can be very frustrating," Misra told Physicians Practice.

In this podcast, Misra shares with Physicians Practice what he likes — and what he'd change — about practicing medicine in Michigan.

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