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Why Physicians Should Practice Medicine in Oregon

Why Physicians Should Practice Medicine in Oregon

The lush, green, Northwest state of Oregon is one of the most innovative states in the country, Coos Bay, Ore.-based pediatrician Carla McKelvey tells Physicians Practice. Here’s why.Carla McKelvey

What do you like about practicing medicine in Oregon?

Oregon is willing to have the hard conversations about healthcare that other states are not. They are willing to discuss with its citizens the fact that not everyone can receive all medical services; it is financially impossible to do that. They are willing to discuss end of life care in a meaningful way. Oregon is also committed to ensuring that all of its citizens have the opportunity to obtain health insurance. Not only does this improve the health of its citizens but it also makes it easier as a physician to focus on the patient.

What would you change, if you could, about practicing medicine in Oregon?

We still need to centralize processes such as credentialing which would make the process more efficient and timely. We are currently crafting a new malpractice system that encourages conversation that will be implemented in the next year.

If you could practice medicine in any other state, where would you and why?

Any state that has embraced the Affordable Care Act in a meaningful way. I think those states have the same values that I do: Healthcare should be a nurturing event in a person’s life, not a source of stress due to finances or inability to find services.

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