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The Inbox: Physician Deliberations on MACRA

The Inbox: Physician Deliberations on MACRA

Editor's note: We work hard to write about issues that will help physicians run their practices in a manner that is both prosperous and efficient, while still delivering quality patient care. And we are delighted when our readers let us know what they are thinking. This month we are excerpting two articles that were written in response to the release of CMS' final rule on the implementation of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), which received a lot of response from our readership. The articles have been edited for space and are followed by comments made by readers at PhysiciansPractice.com.

A Conversation on MACRA with a Family Physician

KrisEmily McCrory is a family medicine physician who teaches and practices at Ellis Medicine, a 438-bed teaching health system in upstate New York. … McCrory recently attended the AAFP's 2016 Annual Chapter Leader Forum in Kansas City, Mo., where AAFP president Wanda Filer gave a brief response to CMS' recently released proposed rule on [MACRA].

Physicians Practice: What was the AAFP's initial reaction to the proposed rule?

KrisEmily McCrory: I think that the thought process that has been set up by Wanda Filer, acting on behalf of the AAFP, is that there is great opportunity here to really take some challenging things that came out of meaningful use and things that were related to the previous legislation and make it more flexible and possible for doctors to provide quality care, without feeling like they are overburdened with checking a bunch of check boxes. That being said, because it is not completely finalized yet, it is still just an opportunity. We don't know in the long run that it will really do what they are hoping it's going to do. The Academy is really putting forward a very optimistic face right now, but I can tell you just based on comments (there's a lot of comments on the AAFP website) … family physicians are very concerned about MACRA, the requirements, what they may or may not be, how they are getting paid.

Reader Responses:

Jordan says: I feel bad for my father, he is 73 and still practicing. He has the lowest admission rate at the hospital and is getting burned out trying to keep up with idiotic requirements that have zero to do with quality care. All of these people making rules have no understanding of the practice of medicine and the AMA and other lobby organizations for doctors are just as much to blame. It's so sad that large groups and hospitals get so much favor. And real metrics like admission rates, keeping your patients healthy into their 90s, etc. are ignored in favor of data, data, data. Data is useless without real good doctors to interpret and act and educate patients. … Government shouldn't be in the business of telling doctors what to do, Doctors are doctors; they know what to do.


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