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The Inbox: Physician Deliberations on MACRA : Page 4 of 4

The Inbox: Physician Deliberations on MACRA : Page 4 of 4

Samuel A. Nigro, MD, writes: The enemy of healthcare (and practically everything else) is bureaucracy. Healthcare is neither the purpose nor the function of the health insurance industry (. Contemporary medical care is no longer part of "the American way." The art of medicine is an absolute contradiction to reporting to a central committee. Physicians must hang together, or as the aphorism ends, we will all hang separately (and a case can be made that we have already been hung out to dry). Indeed, the divide and conquer carve-up of medicine by the health insurance industry is against the common good and an autopsy for the medical profession. To practice "separately" is to hang! In fact, the health insurance industry must deal with all physicians [in total], especially without special contracts which make physicians fight each other. Medicine must become a profession again: distinct, virtuous, self-defined, self-contained, self-defending ... and without pathological parasites depending on all we do. The basic problem is that people who cannot practice medicine are making the rules. Medical care is considered appropriate and payable only if a third party thinks it understands and agrees with what took place, regardless of patient improvement or satisfaction ("Does the patient feel better and is getting better?"). … Medicine cannot be a profession as long as the doctor's relationship with a patient is determined by insurance companies, lawyers, or politicians. …

Have you thought about how your practice will meet the new quality metrics under MACRA? Tell us what you think; join the conversation at bit.ly/talk-on-MACRA and bit.ly/doc-speaks-out.


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