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Is It Appropriate to Treat Your Own Staff at Your Practice?

Is It Appropriate to Treat Your Own Staff at Your Practice?

The Scenario: You notice a familiar name on your daily schedule. When you look closer you realize one of your staff members has scheduled an appointment to be seen by you. Is it appropriate to treat her?

The Dilemma: Treating staff members at your practice can be tricky. If you are a close-knit practice or you are in a location where access to care is limited, it may seem silly to refuse to treat a staff member. In some cases, the relationship you already have with the staff member may even benefit the physician-patient relationship.
But it could also raise problems. What if the staff member/patient hesitates to disclose certain health issues to you? What if you have a difficult time broaching certain health subjects with the staff member/patient?

What Would You Do: Would you refer the staff member to another physician, or would you welcome them as a patient? In the comments section below, share what you would do and why

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