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Looking to boost efficiency in your practice with an EHR? Find out how to select and implement the correct EHR to help your practice better navigate the increasingly complex healthcare system – and even be eligible for government incentives – with this comprehensive resource. Featuring articles, case studies, and specialty-specific resources, this guide will offer solutions to some of the questions your practice may encounter as you consider selecting your EHR.

EHR Resources

Less Paperwork Gives Local Ophthalmology Practice More Time for Patient Care
Central Eye Consultants transforms its practice with GBS' NextGen® healthcare solutions running on HP hardware.

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Return on Investment in EHRs
Meaningful use is only the beginning: efficiency and more-appropriate coding bring savings and increase revenues.

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EHR: The Prescription for the Medical Records Problem
While not a panacea for the problems in the American healthcare system, the power of EMR eliminates some problems and takes great strides in addressing others.

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GBS/NextGen Healthcare Client Receives Medicare Meaningful Use Incentives
Springfield Center for Family Medicine Inc., receives payment for demonstrating Meaningful Use under the Medicare Incentive Program.

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Small Practice Sees Big Gains with EHR
Discover how a successful EHR implementation can streamline operations, enhance patient care, and reduce transcription costs.

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EHRs and Unicorns
There are many different kinds of electronic systems that collect, store, and manage patient health records electronically. These are divided into three primary categories, according to most industry experts' definition

EHRs Especially for Specialists
Mainstream EHR vendors have gotten better at catering to physicians in specialties outside of primary care, but don't count out niche EHR vendors. We help you examine your purchasing options.

Should You Scrap Your Legacy EHR?
Those who bought an EHR before the government started paying doctors to do so are wondering what they should do now. Here's how to judge whether your old system will meet the requirements to collect the stimulus dollars, or if you'd be better off starting anew.

Your Top 10 EHR, Meaningful Use Questions Answered
In an effort to provide greater clarity for you and your practice staff, we went right to the Federal agency charged with providing the incentives to get you to become a happy EHR user, CMS.

Your Top EHR, Meaningful Use Questions Answered – Part II
In an effort to provide greater clarity for you and your practice staff, we went right to the Federal agency charged with providing the incentives to get you to become a happy EHR user, CMS.



Specialty Sheets

Are you searching for an EHR software and practice management solution that can help you streamline processes, improve profitability, and enhance patient care? GBS can help. We have a track record of success delivering proven results for multi-specialty practices.

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NextGen® EHR offers oncologists a thorough set of templates specifically designed to automate an oncology office visit and manage chemotherapy treatments. Developed in collaboration with oncology professionals, our pre-built templates allow you to quickly capture and store detailed patient data through point-and-click options.

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Dozens of orthopedic clinics and hundreds of orthopedic providers use NextGen® EHR software to fulfill the particular needs of their practices. NextGen EHR’s built-in orthopedic content and efficient workflow can save professionals valuable time during patient encounters, which translates into seeing more patients.

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NextGen® EHR Software provides the tools and resources pediatricians need to quickly and accurately diagnose, treat, and manage their patient’s unique needs. With out-of-the box workflows that cover every common visit type, HPI, exam, and plan, pediatricians can efficiently document care and manage their business like never before.

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