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7 Things Doctors Can Learn From Doing Locum Tenens

7 Things Doctors Can Learn From Doing Locum Tenens

One of the most enjoyable things I do at work is interact with the physicians that we help place in jobs. We recently had a group of relatively new physicians visit our office, all of whom had just finished their residencies within the past few years. While they were working as full-time physicians, they also worked locum tenens to some degree or another and I enjoyed the opportunity to hear about some of their experiences.

Each of them had unique perspectives on both medicine and why they chose to work locums, from one physician who worked occasional locums to help supplement his income, to another that worked locums full-time so he could focus on his desire to be a motivational speaker and coach.

After spending time speaking with each one of these doctor's, here's what they had to say about their locums experience. 

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Agree. When I was a practice administrator interviewing physicians, we would welcome those candidates with locums experience because they have seen a lot and often have insights to bring to private practice. Additionally, I always tell physicians in training that if they are not sure of a geographic location or specific setting as a permanent job, they should start as a locum because they get to travel and see a variety of settings as well as learn a lot along the way . . . and then they can choose where to settle down.

Nick @

Wow, I must have the worst luck with Locums jobs. I have been at jobs where I was threatened, feared malpractice lawsuit due to ineptitude of the practitioners and hospital staff (including the demands of the administration) and the sheer incompetency of the Locums staff have left me wondering why the hell I went into medicine. I only look at Locums as a last resort and to do in a position of desperation.

Jude @

In places as Spain, 'Locum Tenens' jobs, called: 'Suplencias', is the most common job type, long term contracts, the State Health System is the largest contractor of physicians, come only every now and then. Certainly: 'Locum Tenens' jobs, are a very good way to have a broad experience.

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