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When you look at your cash inflow each month, are you disappointed? That's why it is so important to identify why your claims are being denied.

Proper documentation and reporting of codes for prolonged services allows providers to improve compensation for lengthy outpatient services.

Since the implementation of the ICD-10 coding system, most claims are processing smoothly and rejection rates have been minimal.

Answers from our coding expert on questions regarding incident-to billing; time-based coding; and specificity in ICD-10.

Answers from our coding expert on questions regarding medical necessity; using the ROS for history of presenting illness; and duplicative coding.

"Upcoding" means reporting a higher-level service or procedure or a more complex diagnosis, than is supported by medical necessity, medical facts, or the provider's documentation.

When you are wrongfully denied for a single code or entire claim, do you know what to do?


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