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11 Ways Small Practices Can Comply with MACRA

11 Ways Small Practices Can Comply with MACRA

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CMS has deemed 2017 a transitional year for MACRA compliance, allowing a "Pick Your Pace" program that includes testing and partial participation options. This flexibility will likely disappear completely in 2018 though, and anything less than full participation may result in practices receiving up to a four percent negative payment adjustment on 2020's Medicare Part B claims.

From CMS-designated small practice support centers to exploring alternative payment models, here are 11 cost-effective ways small practices can comply with MACRA and earn a positive payment adjustment instead.

Steph Weber is a freelance writer hailing from the Midwest. She writes about healthcare, finance, and small business, but finds her passion for the medical field growing in sync with the ever-changing healthcare laws.

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This assumes a small practice as EMR. A lot of solo practitioners, and some still practice without a single staff member, do not have EMR.

Cynthia @

I have been told that for small practices, EMR is NOT required in 2017 in order to comply with MACRA and avoid the 2019 penalties. For next year (2018) it will be required. As a solo rural MD, I was pleasantly surprised to learn how fairly minimal the requirements are for avoiding the penalties for 2019. If you recall, the initial year of "meaningful (not) use" was not very onerous, but each succeeding year was much worse. My impression is that it's the same pattern with MACRA. The feds have contacted with private agencies to assist small rural practitioners in meeting MACRA requirements. It may be that you need to be in a HPSA (health professional shortage area) in order to avail yourself of their help. I found the one for my area to be extremely helpful. And they speak English, not government bureaucratese. Anyway, here is a very useful link that will tell you the name and phone number of the company for your geographic area: https://qpp.cms.gov/docs/QPP_Support_for_Small_Practices.pdf

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