Contribute to the Site

Contribute to the Site

Working with Physicians Practice Editorial

Our Focus
Medical practice management issues (non-clinical)

Our Audience
Physicians in independent and hospital-owned practices

Our Reach
Approximately 150,000 U.S. physician subscribers to our monthly print journal.
Up to 250,000 monthly page views on
All specialties, geographic locations, and practice types

If you are a business that sells products and services to physician practices, or are a public relations professional, here’s guidance on what our editorial team is looking for, with whom specifically you should communicate, and when.

What We’re Looking For

Objective, quotable sources — Our journalists are looking for people in practice—typically, this means physicians, practice administrators, and practice management experts—to comment on subjects they’re writing articles about.

Your suggested source should be able to:

  • Articulate successes/challenges with a specific aspect of medical practice management. Some examples are:
    • Implementing a technology;
    • Enacting an operational change (patient flow, staff procedures, etc.);
    • Improving patient relations;
    • Enhancing practice finances.
  • Offer advice and insight so that fellow physicians can achieve a similar goal or overcome obstacles to achieving that goal.

Occasionally, we will quote an executive with a company—for example, the president, CEO, or a senior vice president—on industry trends and oversight. We may also conduct off-the-record briefings with such executives, as well as public relations and marketing professionals, for background purposes.

We don’t quote company executives making references to their own products and solutions.

What We’re Not Looking For

  • Clinical content;
  • Product reviews;
  • Financial information about your company;
  • Announcements of new-product or new-launches or new-personnel appointments

How to Approach Us

We publish our print editorial calendar online. If you know of a source who might be helpful to our journalists in reporting a specific story, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s the best way to do it.

  • PLAN AHEAD! In print, we work approximately four months in advance of an issue’s publication. Below is a table of dates to help you suggest sources in time for us to use them. It is only a guideline:
Journal planning guide
For stories published in...Suggest a source by the beginning of...


  • Send a query to our managing editor, Keith Martin, at
  • Within your query, state why your source would fit a particular article. If we agree, please alert your source ahead of time that someone from Physicians Practice will be making contact. We do not guarantee that an interviewed source will be included in an article.


  • Does Physicians Practice accept “bylined articles”?
    We do not publish vendor-specific content written by the vendor, nor do we accept content written by a physician who is acting as an agent of a vendor.
  • How does Physicians Practice determine its editorial content?
    - Regular reader surveys;
    - Questions submitted to us via email; and
    - Other expert opinion.

    Our content is subject to change throughout the year to reflect changes in the industry and to offer the best variety of content. Updates to the calendar are distributed to account representatives. Also, note that story descriptions are general; direction/focus may change somewhat as the writer is researching/reporting.
  • Where can I find the Physicians Practice print editorial calendar? You’ll find it in the About Us section.


Forum Moderators — Our new web site comes with certain bells and whistles that the old site didn’t have. One of these is our Audience Forum. At the Forum, physicians and other readers will have the chance to converse with one another (and with us) about the issues that matter to them. To help get conversations started, though, and to ensure they stay on track, we’ll need moderators—experts, usually, in discrete subject areas—to write some conversation starters and to encourage audience participation.

How to Approach Us

Send a query to our managing editor, Keith Martin, at

Within your query, state what you’d be interested in doing and why. We’ll get in touch with you to discuss next steps.

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