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7 Ways to Recover from Physician Burnout

7 Ways to Recover from Physician Burnout

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Burnout is driving good doctors out of the profession.

"Some studies show that 38 percent of practicing physicians say they are thinking about quitting, retiring, or otherwise cutting back," says Dan Diamond, MD, a Bremerton, Wash.-based family physician and consultant. But burnout doesn't have to be a career ender. Recognizing and addressing burnout can help you make the changes that will revitalize your job rather than ruin it.

Here are a few suggestions for taking back your career and pushing burnout to the side.

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Useless advice
Burnout will NEVER go away until MOC and never ending regulations do...

Bill @

Wow, is this a joke? I think most of us feeling burnt out have already tried these and this is how we got through residency. But to do this forever, that is to palacate our concerns as “it will be ok,” is simpleton and almost a definition of insanity.
I guess I was hoping for some novel strategy to help me feel like I also matter in this profession as a physician, that it isn’t just all about ever increasing demands of patient care, EMR fallouts, or insurance companies’ overriding nuances.

Dr. Ruby Rabiya @

Did you see that the Mayo Clinic is advertising a $4000 Burnout Retreat program? ;-)
This is classic learned helplessness... EMR / IT systems and networks which are unreliable and aggravating and poorly designed and force us to go through too many redundant motions in our daily workflows...

It's as if you are trying to paint a landscape and some idiot keeps coming along and knocking the paintbrush out of your hand.

Brad @

Sorry, but I think this "presentation" is very naive. It assumes that it is easy for the physician to change these elements. It's the system that is broken and physicians are no longer in control of their own lives and careers. That's why burnout is epidemic.
Even the statistics are incorrect. Nearly half of physicians have burnout symptoms. The statistic of 38% is probably half of what it really is.

S @

You make a very good point!

Larry @

This article triggered my bull---- light

Joe @

Agree completely !

Walker @

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