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Doctors aren't the problem, unusable systems are the problem, says this doctor. She airs her EHR grievances.


To fall in line with its IPA, this practice is reluctantly switching its EHR system. Here's why they aren't happy about it.

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Only 5 percent of practices are using technology that monitors their patients' health status. Why haven't wearables made an impact in clinical care?


This doctor details how she's using technology more than ever at her practice and has started to embrace it.


With a growing shortage of mental health providers, primary-care doctors can use telepsychiatry to outsource mental health patients.


A lawyer examines current events from a legal perspective, keeping physicians informed on what they need to know.


The Physicians Practice Tech Survey confirms that physicians aren't fans of EHRs and health IT, in general. Here's a look into why this is the case.


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