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Poll of the Week – Dropping Medicare Patients?

Poll of the Week – Dropping Medicare Patients?

A recent report from the Texas Medical Association indicates just how prevalent a problem Medicare reimbursement is for physicians. It found that 50 percent of Texas physicians are considering opting out of Medicare altogether.

Medicare reimbursement could become even more problematic for physicians if this year’s scheduled 27 percent pay cut to Medicare Reimbursement due to the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula is not averted. 

“I think the summary sentence would be that people have insurance coverage access but theydon’t have availability, there’s no doctors to take care of them,” Lou Goodman, president of The Physicians Foundation, told Physicians Practice. “Even without the [SGR] cut — the uncertainty and the cliffs we keep getting taken to — I could see a massive exit from that program and doctors finally saying I can’t keep my doors open."




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