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2017 Great American Physician Survey Results

2017 Great American Physician Survey Results

In the 8th rendition of the Physicians Practice survey, 826 physicians were polled and revealed their attitudes towards their personal and professional lives. Overall, physicians say government regulations and third-party interference continues to be the largest barrier to good healthcare for patients. More than 40% of respondents said this was the case, up from 37.4% in last year's survey.

Fewer physicians are saying they would go back and do everything in their career the first time. This year, 45.50% of respondents said this was the case, while last year it was 49.1%. More physicians are saying they would choose a career outside of healthcare (17.34 % in 2017, 10.6 % in 2016).

For the survey, Physicians Practice polled a wide array of physicians across multiple specialties, representing every area of the U.S., and every practice size. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being strongly agree and 1 being strongly disagree, most physicians like being a physician (4.26), are happy with their choice of specialty (4.11), but a smaller amount would recommend the physician career path to a young person (2.78).

Here are a few other highlights of the 8th annual Physicians Practice Great American Physician Survey:

• 63.53% of physicians say they would be willing to go part-time and 57.09% say they wish they worked fewer hours. Check out this article on PhysiciansPractice.com about becoming a part-time physician.

As of today, I'd give the Trump Administration the following grade regarding healthcare: 40.4% said F; 20.53% said D; 18.4% said B; 11.6% said D; and 9.07% said A.

• In terms of the health policy issues that physicians care about: 73.11% say they want protections for patients with pre-existing conditions; 65.83% want regulations for the cost of medications; and 50.99% want increased competition among health insurers.

For more results to the Great American Physician Survey, stay tuned for our full report — coming later this month.

Click here to download a PDF of this slideshow.

Physicians Practice


Well, a few , to say the least, patients in my practice characterized Obama care as. - “ “UNAFFORDABLE OBAMA CARE” ! So whatever changes would be made by a current administration would not be worse than “ Unaffordable Obama care”. MD, Private Primary care practice, MA.

Lydia @

I blame congress and senate for their inaction and not president Trump

Inderjit @

President Trump gets an "F" ??? The story line here sort of belies the name of the publication... or is it vice a versa?

Dan @

I am sorry to see that universal coverage, or some other phrasing of the right to basic healthcare irrespective of ability to pay was not aming the choices of health care policy issue to weigh in on. I think a substantial minority of physicians care about that and it needs to be recognized as a valid public health cocern.

Marsha @

I am sorry to see that universal coverage, or some other phrasing of the right to basic healthcare irrespective of ability to pay was not aming the choices of health care policy issue to weigh in on. I think a substantial minority of physicians care about that and it needs to be recognized as a valid public health cocern.

Marsha @

So I am not sure how Pres Trump has affected physicians negatively. This administration has been unable to get any changes through. We are still under the last administration s rule. I love how people like this electronic rag can swing things. Come live in my world where the working lower income classes can't afford insurance since the "ACA". Even my own son who is starting out in the world married and can't afford the health insurance premiums.

Al @

I STRONGLY object to your absolutely partisan choice to highlight ONE thoroughly negative comment about President Trump! STOP THAT and stick to facts backed by majority data.

Ervin @


Teresa @

I agree. We have had enough of the establishment media pushing their narrow, one-sided viewpoint down our throats. Why can't Physician's Practice be fair and balanced? Trump is not bought by lobbying groups and foreign enemy donors like his opponents are. He hasn't sold 20% of US Uranium and technology secrets to Russia, taken bribes from Russia, Bahrain, Iran, and hasn't stolen Haiti's earthquake relief funds into a fake vanity charity. He is truly trying to help Americans. He is decreasing strangling regulation that allows the free market to flourish. The free market, capitalism, and competition works in every other aspect of American society and has lifted millions upon millions of people out of poverty and out from under the stranglehold of corrupt big government dictators and central planners and evil communism. Why not allow free market capitalism competition in healthcare? You would not let the government decide which phone, computer, coffee, restaurant, clothing store, car supplier, airline supplier, hotel or home rental, or taxi or uber that you had to use, so why your healthcare? Compare free market Uber, iPhone, Airbnb, Competition drives innovation, costs down, increases quality, increases customer service and satisfaction. Why not allow it in healthcare? We're sick of the corrupt, established, partisan media elites trying to brainwash us that Trump is doing bad. He is trying to help Americans and put America back on a fair and even playing field. Your survey results say doctors want to regulate the price of medicine but they want less government intrusion. That's an oxymoron. So why will pharmaceutical companies want to spend 20 years and billions of dollars researching, testing, and innovating a new medicine if the government will tell them how much they can charge for it? Why would they want to stick their necks out, take the risk, and go through that in order to get a Communist regulated reimbursement?

Teresa @

You are right on target.

Just to clarify: Washington is broke.

If I had an employee that performed like most of our Congressman I would fire each of them and start over.

We need term limits and that is the only way we will get something done in Washington that would represent what the United States is all about.

Wake up America and vote for some one who knows how to make things happen. We do not a social worker that has never had to make payroll, hire staff, mortgaged their house up to get a loan to start a new business.

The offices I run do not have EMR and voice mail. We answer our phones and talk to the patients. Our waiting list of over 300 patients and cannot expand fast enough. Patients want a physician who listens to them.

Trump is not a politician and he was elected to drain the swamp. Let the man do his job.

John @

I agree. Are we ever going to get rid of swamp and fake media including your bogus physician practice

Inderjit @

the AMA has sold us down the drain-they collect big FAT salaries for doing nothing to help--as a PCP- I get the brunt of work for the least pay--ex: having to have Prior Author for meds that the specialist began, etc--I bet while our salaries have decreased, those "fat salary md's" salaries have INCREASED!
why would any MD wish to belong to the AMA-??
I work more hours than almost all of my patients, have more responsibility than most-and yet, many of them get paid much more than I do- ( I am not in a wealthy part of town, either)

Michael @

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