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Inbox: Docs Ask 'What Career Should I Have Pursued?'

Inbox: Docs Ask 'What Career Should I Have Pursued?'

Editor's note: We work hard to write about issues that will help physicians run their practices in a manner that is both prosperous and efficient, while still delivering quality patient care. And we are delighted when our readers let us know what they are thinking.

This month we are excerpting articles by managing editor Gabriel Perna on physicians' alternate careers, the burdens of MOC by primary-care physician KrisEmily McCrory, and why a 15-minute patient visit just doesn't cut it by primary-care physician Jennifer Frank. The articles has been edited for space and are followed by comments made by readers at PhysiciansPractice.com.

If I Hadn't Been a Physician …

It's always fun to look back and see where your career could have gone if you had made a left turn instead of a right one. We asked members of our editorial advisory board to reveal what career path they would have gone on if they hadn't gone into medicine.

We are also interested in your thoughts on alternate career paths. What career would you choose if you hadn't gone into medicine? Share your thoughts in the comments section of the article or by tweeting us @PhysiciansPract.

Tim says: Wall Street or pharma executive or research scientist.

Nazeer writes: In the dark days of apartheid in South Africa, people of color had educational restrictions. For instance they were not granted admission for study in most faculties at the top universities. Exceptions included architecture and medicine, but even here their numbers were restricted to 10 percent of the student intake. And so I studied medicine which of course was not out of choice. In the absence of apartheid, [I would have studied] likely physics and/or aeronautics.

Patricia says: Veterinarian or horse trainer/barrel racer; maybe country western singer.

Robin comments: I would have been a Veterinarian maybe, but I put myself through college as a bartender at a live rock & roll bar. It was the best job I ever had. There were so many people out back then and so many people to meet. It was a magical time back then. I am the last year of the Baby Boomers and every place was packed with people where ever you went. I sometimes think I should open a live entertainment acoustic bar, just so I can experience those fun times of listening to live music and getting to know the people in an environment so opposite from a hospital.


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