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If I Could Change One Thing about Medicine

If I Could Change One Thing about Medicine

Physicians — and all practitioners, for that matter — are not shy when it comes to expressing their opinion on the healthcare industry.

The Great American Physician Survey is proof that physicians have outspoken opinions on work-life balance, healthcare reform, and much more. But what if they could only change one singular thing bothers them about medicine? There's a lot to choose from.

We asked our editorial advisory board how they would reshape the healthcare industry with a single wish. Here's what they said.

(If you could change one thing about medicine, what would it be? Share your thoughts below in the comments section or by tweeting us @PhysiciansPract.) 

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Physicians Practice


Allow churches and volunteer clinics to cover the indigent and uninsured not the government.
Move outpatient medicine to a cash basis with a receipt to the patient to file on the insurance and medicare/ medicaid not the doctors office billing anymore. A doctor should be able charge as much or as little as deemed necessary. There is no incentive to lower prices because the system is based on negotiated fees. The government has been the problem with not being able to lower the cost of medicine due to micromanaging and regulation.

david @

A significant portion of med schools and residency accreditation dependent on how well they can help med students/residents achieve their goals of what kind of doctor they want to be, move them towards the type of practice (not just specialty, but I mean they move right into their ideal job or start their ideal practice) they are called to do.

Elizabeth @

Stop all the MACRA - get back to patients

Kathleen @

have all EHR's compete annually in an 'EHR Hunger Games'. you would have 40 patients and 8 hours to compete. Simple to hard, new and established, hidden critical diagnostic data, ie, real life stuff. judge on time , successful completion of each record, spot the hidden law suits, errors, correct coding of the most difficult codes and exact documentation of the exams performed without embellishment. this would force EHR vendors to do annual improvements in interfacing and ease of use that really matter to providers. Any MBA program teaches .." give your employees tools that are efficient and effective to get the job done otherwise you will create frustration and anger " That seems to have been left out of Medicine today.
I think every provider should send to Washington 5 of their top problems and a workable solution annually. How to implement fixes, etc..


I like it!

Leann @

Universal health care and singal payer system.


Single Payer. Now.

Spencer @

Having been in practice of medicine near four decades, the change has been fascinating and frustratingly overwhelming.
Newer tools both the medications as well as diagnostic and surgical innovations have been a boon.
The cost associated has been burdensome.
This merely represents a territorial control by the MBAs as CEOs and controlling barriers frustrating everyday delivery of essentials of healthcare. If there was tool that could clearly filter out the real cost of care vs cost of barriers and hoops that care could be better streamlined. EMR that has been so much popularized (POINT & CLICK) or generating plethora of gigabites of stored useless replicative data or multiple pages, meagerly to bill at higher code is nothing but pimping the process. This I believe has been shoved down our throats by the MBA's. Honestly, does any MD ever look at all the pages sent to us after a consultation or hospital visit. Speaking to the patients who have been to secondary providers and as in or out patient hospital facilities confirm that far less of an exam was performed than documented. Is it to be able to bill at a higher level, hoops placed in our path by nonMDs who collect millions in salaries and bonuses, multiples clerical staff hired in physician offices to battle with an army of similar soldiers by the insurance carriers, further subcontracted reviews and so on. No wonder we spend more than twice what is spent in other developed nations but not with consistently better outcomes.

Yash Pal @

Remove the government from patient care. Reporting required to receive reimbursements has become the center of a patient visit. Return to patient/doctors visit instead of point and click visit. Place controls on commercial insurers regarding premium increases and millions of dollars going to their CEO's, COO's, etc.

Donna @

I'd remove all of government from "coverage"--no Medicare, no Medicaid--return the profession to patient centered care---The opposite of "universal health care" as conventionally described which is Government health.

Sam @

Universal Health care, every one has health care, no govt, private insurance companies regulating and controlling health care. No paper work, no waitings, no approval for care. Health care should involve only patients and doctors.

Sivaprasad @

Take all funding (including Medicare & Medicaid) and give it to Private Equity or Fortune 500 Insurance companies for management, at Congress's discretion depending on campaign contributions.
Wait, we already did that....

Gerard @

Eliminate all documentation requirements

jim @

Change patient attitudes such that everyone takes responsibility for their own health/lifestyle and actively seeks to avoid unnecessary medical tests, treatments or procedures.

I @

Single payer. Universal Healthcare. No more making profits on the back of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Peggy @


Leann @

End the for profit insurance industry as we know it-this entity is a parasite on healthcare- it sucks millions of healthcare dollars into its coffers;pays CEOs 20 million dollars annually and makes out daily lives miserable. They contribute nothing to healthcare-only take away.
Our healthcare is far too important to be in the hands of politicians. Let us have a single payor system managed by independent ,experienced, professionals w no political ties. Negotiate drug prices like any other country.
Does anyone see any other country copying our failed system ?

Dennis @


William @

Awesome idea? Maybe? The biggest government program in the history of the world. It will be funded by the federal government and will be devoid of politics. On what planet could this happen?

David @

End fee-for -service payment. This system is the driver of unnecessary/low value care

John @

Eliminate government interference in the health care market place. No medicare or medicaid, no law which forces hospitals to provide free care to anyone who wanders into their ER's. In short the elimination of the idiotic political pronouncement that "healthcare is a right" That will begin to restore sanity to an economic sector which is currently a government sponsored train, well off the tracks and speeding up, not slowing down.

Bruce @

I would remove everything in health care that does not need to be under insurance...
direct primary care, urgent care, hydration therapy, minor surgical procedures, some path, some xray, etc. Those things could be placed in the free market system and prices would go down and patients would KNOW what things cost!

David @

Remove the business administrators from making all the decisions for clinics especially rural clinics. They have a history of dealing with businesses but medicine is quite different. I have worked in clinics where we had no decision-making capabilities no advice on what type of personal to hire, we had a office manager with a high school degree no college degree, no master's degree and no clinical experience telling us how to deal with patients. We have had violent patients that we were told to see again and again with no regulations or dismissal process. Non-compliant patients that ruined our hcap scores and our payments. Let us have a say in how to treat our patients.

Ryan @

Remove health insurance,
Leave coverage Only for young and old.
People Have life insurance for their children to live happily ever after, they better provide for their own health and be
accountable for their choices.
Stop enriching corporations under flagship of providing health insurance and slavering physicians, and creating cheep health care providers on line.
Instead of civilized country we are creating a huge hospital ward of a nation of sick people

liliya @

Bingo, you grasp the idea. "Healthcare is a right" really means bankruptcy and tyranny for society. Beyond clean water, safe food, vaccines and other public health measures I would get government out of healthcare. Enough forcing some people to pay for the bad habits of others. Voluntary insurance, not forced.

Bruce @

Although I am a Medicare-for-All advocate, I agree that healthcare is not a "right". It's a public good (like clean air, clean water, safe roads). Perhaps one problem lies in our definition of "healthcare". It's too broad and encompasses too much. As a society we have to decide what pieces of healthcare (vaccines, stemming curable and transmittable illness, not letting people losing their homes or life savings because of rare disease, etc.) are in the public interest and which are only a luxury good for disposable income. We also have to acknowledge the different between bad choices and bad luck when it comes to illness.

Leann @

Absolutely! Healthcare is a public good that all will use at some often unpredictable time. Illnesses are not moral or immoral, they are just illnesses.

Healthcare "insurance" is not insurance at all in the traditional risk management sense; rather Americans expect an all-inclusive pre-paid card that covers everything. Is it any wonder we have so much trouble even talking sensibly about the issue?

John @

Stop pharma and hospital lobbying to increase government insurance payment for services but also may not do unconstitutional laws forcing private hospitals to provide free services. Cut regulations so that small companies are motivated to make more generics. Especially insulin.

Mayte @

As a specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine I believe based on my work if nearly 30 years that we can do much better to make our babies be born well by preventing premature birth. Prenatal care supposed to prevent problems but it does not because our prenatal care as widely practices is crisis intervention rather than crises prevention. I know that it can be done and that it works because I have done it. I have been advocating and have been busting age-old myths that miscarriage and premature births are not preventable by saving our babies the most precious human resource as well as saving millions of healthcare dollars

stefan @

Only require documentation of pertinent information as it relates to the patient and the problem at hand. I have a 90 year old that left the ER with a stack of papers, one telling him to make sure his child wore a seatbelt...

Benito @

Scrap the contingency fee driven malpractice litigation system and replace it with something rational and efficient

Hurley @

get rid of for profit health insurance companies

michael @

Then there are no companies left and only government system with politicians influencing what happens. Seems to be problematic. I think more choices and more types of insurance would work best.

Mayte @

YES! And take away not-for-profit status for any organization that pays any individual more than 20 times minimum wage (above that is a profit, not a standard living).

Leann @

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