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Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform


At a time when its very existence is in doubt, the Affordable Care Act has never been more popular, according to a recent poll.


No one can accurately predict what will happen with the ACA, but that doesn't mean physicians can't chart a path forward.


There are a lot of misconceptions over MACRA and what it entails. Here are five of the most common myths.


The AHCA would have likely brought back "post-claims underwriting," which would have been bad news for physicians.


Also in this week's Practice Notes: President Trump launches opioid epidemic committee, while proposing budget cuts to mental health services.


With the GOP's efforts to repeal the ACA having gone awry, what's next for health policy? The AMA President-Elect weighs in.

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Amid a possible repeal of the ACA, a study shows physicians were able to accommodate an uptick in patient demand under the law.


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