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Help Your Medical Practice Hire Well: 15 Tips

Help Your Medical Practice Hire Well: 15 Tips

Busy physicians and office managers usually don't look forward to going through the hiring process. Not only are they concerned about finding the right candidate for the position, but it is an arduous process that can drag on and impact their ability to keep the practice running smoothly during the interim.

Here are fifteen tips on what you can do to hire right, the first time.

Before the interview

1. Review the job description.

To determine whether or not the job description needs to be revised, review the job description with the employee who is leaving to learn if the job responsibilities have changed. In the process you may discover that some tasks listed are redundant or can be automated.

2. Look for internal candidates.

Let staff know you are on the search and ask if they know someone who might be a suitable fit. You'll also want to open the position to internal staff that may be qualified and looking to climb the ranks. Just be sure they go through the same process as outside candidates to ensure you get the best person for the job.

3. Post the position as soon as possible.

Electronic job postings are quicker and cheaper, and tend to draw the best results. Your hospitals and medical societies may have job boards on their websites. The costs to post on Craigslist, LinkedIn, Indeed, and other classified job search websites is reasonable and yields an immediate posting.

4. Use employment applications.

Require applicants to complete an employment application that asks questions not answered in a resume, such as ending pay rate and the reason the applicant left each position. You can also ask for a list of professional and personal references, and require a signature allowing you to contact past employers.

5. Act quickly.

When candidates with impressive resumes respond to your ad, cull them quickly and don't postpone the interview. Applicants are on the move and the good ones get snapped up quickly. Also, you want to get someone hired as soon as possible, to allow time for proper orientation and training.


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