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Law & Malpractice

Law & Malpractice

At least one doctor expresses his desire for malpractice reform to enacted, to put an end to frivolous lawsuits. Don't send in the clowns!

A lot of things can lead to a malpractice lawsuit. Here are 10 mistakes seen by an attorney with experience in helping docs avoid suits in the first place.

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The conclusion of a physician couples' risk management overhaul sees them become millions of dollars safer.


EHRs have yet to become a major problem in medical malpractice, but the potential is there, experts say. Here are a few areas of EHR use to caution.


How does the recent telemedicine ruling in Texas correlate to mail-order pharmacies? Martin Merritt explains in this blog.

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Receiving cash for a referral is the most obvious gift that violates the Anti-Kickback Statute. Here are eight more.


Physicians can learn a lot about risk analysis from the recent EHR vendor False Claims Act and subsequent settlement.


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