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8 Patient Collection Mistakes to Avoid

8 Patient Collection Mistakes to Avoid

Medical practices are caught in the crosshairs when it comes to collecting patient copays and deductibles. On one hand they are obligated by their contracts with payers to collect patient cost-sharing amounts, on the other, patients are being faced with unprecedented medical bills. If you are caught in this collection free-for-all, here are the eight worst things you can do.

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cant read the eight mistakes

Reena @

where are the eight mistakes

michael @

Thanks for sharing these mistakes. Some are shocking! We have found that having and sticking to a solid financial policy keeps the cash coming in on time. The policy is on our website, each new patient signs to say they have reviewed the policy AND a copy of the policy is mailed with each bill.

Leann @

We apologize for your difficulties viewing this slideshow. Often, opening a different web browser like Google Chrome or Fire Fox will help.

As soon as we are able, we will post a PDF that you can download.

Erica @

can't read them either, would be nice

Martha @

So.....where are they?


My staff were as friendly as I was to my patients, generating a friendly atmosphere patients would almost glow in praise of the time we spent listening to them as friends or family. When my patients would tell me in the exam room that they lacked the required copay I was the one saying, let them take care of it next month. I felt just terrible taking money I knew should have been going to theor prescriptions

William @

Cant read them either. Just marketing hype with know substance.

Carrie @

cant read the 8 mistakes!!

george @

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