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Medical Billing & Collections

Medical Billing & Collections


Should you hire an in-house coder or outsource? Do you need to hire one at all? Answers to these questions and more.


The coding rulebook is always changing. Here are strategies from our two coding experts to help you stay compliant.

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High deductible health plans hit patients' wallets hard, here's how to cushion the blow for your practice.


Why you need an attorney if you are going to recoup payment from payers. It's not the same as getting money from patients.


Inaccurate billing and coding can have a direct and negative impact on a practice's bottom line. What are some common coding queries?


Experts share their advice on how to ensure coding is done properly at your practice, through focusing on common codes and more.


Coding expert Bill Dacey answers your latest coding questions, including an inquiry on how to bill for TCM services.


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