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Medical Billing & Collections

Medical Billing & Collections

Coding for TCM services should include global periods; dates of service; and correct documentation.

TCM helps patients transition from the hospital to the community. Many physicians, however, miss deserved reimbursement because they lack documentation.

Patient can be irate when it comes to higher than expected bills. This practice found the best way to address the issue is to be frank.

Patients can understand so little about their health plan that the billing department is automatically blamed when something goes wrong.

What state allows for almost 50 percent patient responsibility? Also, which services have the highest percentage of patient responsibility?

Spending a few minutes explaining health insurance benefits to patients prior to the appointment should become a requirement.

KrisEmily McCrory, MD

Physicians are frustrated with the lack of clear specifics on how they will meet quality metrics to avoid a negative payment adjustment in 2019.


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