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2016 Technology Survey Results

2016 Technology Survey Results

We surveyed 1,568 physicians, advanced practice providers, and practice administrators across the country for the 2016 Physicians Practice Technology Survey. The results revealed that while medical practices have widely adopted EHRs, they are still struggling to adapt that technology to practice work flows and maintain productivity.

Nineteen percent of respondents said they saw a drop in productivity due to EHR use; 12.9 percent said there was a lack of interoperability between EHRs; and 46.1 percent said their practice was seeing fewer patients per day because of EHR usage. 

To download a PDF of the 2016 Technology Survey, click here.

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I agree with Debora.

Kathy @

Would be nice to know what system's the physicians are using and also what region/part of the country they are located.

Debora @

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