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Email marketing is a great way to gain new customers, here are some tips to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Photo Credit: drawMD

When it comes to drawMD, an app that allows clinicians to illustrate and modify medical images, the pictures do speak a thousand words.


The CMS Actuary projects that if the AHCA passes into law, the number of uninsured Americans will increase by 13 million by 2026.

This month, our physician reviewers check out a medical translator app offering 13 languages for better physician-to-patient communication.


Cybercrime is a threat to even the smallest of practices, here are six ways to prevent criminals from accessing your patients' data.


Today's practice must be in tune with the reality of healthcare consumer demands, including using electronic billing services.

One of Nebraska’s largest health plans put down the telephone and picked up mobile-enabled tech to show true gains in its care management efforts.


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