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How can you avoid a bad review on Yelp, Vitals, or another site of that ilk? Experts shared five tips that will get your rankings up.

Rather than rely on Yelp, North Shore-LIJ Medical Group in Long Island decided to start its own physician review program.

Physicians are now being reviewed online, like restaurants and hotels. What's the right way to react to this trend?

Each month in our print journal, Physicians Practice selects an "App of the Month." Here are our top picks for physicians and their patients.

Wondering whether or not it's OK to be friends on social media sites like Facebook with your staff? Let the Civility CEO Help.

Patients have many legitimate reasons for recording their doctor's visit. But before you say "yes" make sure to understand state and federal statutes.

At this point in the game, you have to know that marketing your practice on social media is necessary, if not absolutely required.


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