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Top-10 Physicians Practice Pearls for 2015

Top-10 Physicians Practice Pearls for 2015

Once each week we share expert advice on all things "practice management," ranging from integrating advanced practice providers into a practice to the best ways to connect with patients on social media. Here are 10 of our most popular Physicians Practice Pearls columns in 2015.


Eight Things You Don't Want to Hear in the Exam Room

All of us have heard our share of patient complaints. One persistent issue is that patients often don't understand their doctor's instructions.

"Just because your patient nods his head doesn't mean he understands you. Ask patients to explain in their own words what you have shared and advised."


Nine Scheduling Techniques to Improve Patient Work Flow

Dealing with time crunches and last minute additions to the physician's schedule can make for a harried day. One way to improve your scheduling process is to be creative.

"Based on historical data, create more flexible appointment time-slots, rather than having only 15-minute or 30-minute appointments."


Five Reasons Your Staff Fails to Collect from Patients

Collecting from patients is vital to a practice's bottom line. But often, it is an inconsistent process, done poorly. Remember, just because you have a financial policy doesn't move staff to action.

"Point-of-service collections require a thoughtfully coordinated program approach. Develop policies and procedures. Provide training, technology, tools, scripts, and talking points that support the staff's ability to [collect from patients]."


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