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KishHealth System speeds delivery of
medical records with HP Converged Storage

Learn how KishHealth System improved the response time of its electronic medical records system and provided scalability for its PACS with HP Converged Storage. "We have seen the I/O per second increase from 270 to 716 on the HP 3Par Storage. The response time has dropped from 4.09 seconds to 1.53 seconds. MEDITECH is screaming on that system. Gary Paxson, Director of information systems, KishHealth System"




Converged Medical Infrastructure and the Business Value for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare workers are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablet computers, and organizations are struggling to figure out how they can effectively manage these devices and the data they contain. This white paper looks at some of the challenges facing the healthcare industry and how a converged infrastructure can provide tangible business value to healthcare organizations

Strategy guide to business protection for hospitals

Learn more about HP Business Protection, which offers select, preconfigured disaster recovery solutions, helps hospitals manage risk and keep critical IT infrastructure up and running. HP Business Protection is based on HP Converged Infrastructure, an integrated platform comprising servers, storage, networking, management software, PCs and printers that helps provide high availability, data protection, network security and off-site disaster recovery.

The EHR for NEW Healthcare

For more than 20 years, HP and MEDITECH have shared a collaborative relationship, working together to deliver many successful implementations to healthcare facilities. Through the experience gained during implementations at hundreds of hospitals, HP designs and delivers joint solutions available in configurations that meet the needs of hospitals of all sizes. Built on modular HP Converged Medical Infrastructure (CMI) components, you can start with your current HP infrastructure and grow as your needs change. Click here if you’d like to visit the MEDITECH website and learn more about MEDITECH Software.


Introduction to

In cooperation with MEDITECH, HP has established a Program Management Office (PMO) to drive an end-to-end customer support process with one objective in mind; to provide you with added leverage and choice in creating “best in class” outcomes for your hospital and patients. Click here to access the Introductory Letter introducing the Program Management Office, with additional context as well as contact information for follow questions or sales engagement requests.

HP Converged Medical Infrastructure, with Meditech Software

The HP Converged Medical Infrastructure with MEDITECH Software Solution Brief provides an overview of the HP and MEDITECH working relationship, joint workflow, the HP SAN Solution with MEDITECH 6.0, as well as various storage solutions, service options and resources. Click here to learn more about these solutions and our reference configurations for MEDITECH software.





Improving Healthcare Risk Assessments to Maximize Security Budgets

This paper looks at how healthcare organizations can better optimize and focus their privacy and security efforts and budgets through risk asessments designed to identify, characterize, and adress the most serious threats and the agents behind them. More »
HP StoreOnce Backup Systems

Taking StoreOnce to the enterprise; combat data growth with cost effective deduplication, replication, and resilience to overcome central or remote backup and disaster recovery challenges. More »
Bring Your Own Device in Healthcare

Many healthcare providers are enticed by the idea of allowing caregivers, administrators, and patients to use their own tablet computers, notebooks, and smartphonesto access healthcare resources. However, they are concerned about the security risks—and the impact on IT operations. More »
HP 3Par Storage Systems

HP P10000 3PAR Storage Systems are designed to deliver enterprise IT as a utility service in order to drive agility and efficiency in enterprise-class, virtual and cloud data centers. More »
  HP P6000 Enterprise Virtual Arrays

Delivers efficient virtualized storage for the enterprise customer, enabling storage consolidation with optimized capacity utilization and simple management. More »


EHRs and Unicorns
There are many different kinds of electronic systems that collect, store, and manage patient health records electronically. These are divided into three primary categories, according to most industry experts' definition.

EHRs Especially for Specialists
Mainstream EHR vendors have gotten better at catering to physicians in specialties outside of primary care, but don't count out niche EHR vendors. We help you examine your purchasing options.

Should You Scrap Your Legacy EHR?
Those who bought an EHR before the government started paying doctors to do so are wondering what they should do now. Here's how to judge whether your old system will meet the requirements to collect the stimulus dollars, or if you'd be better off starting anew.

Your Top 10 EHR, Meaningful Use Questions Answered
In an effort to provide greater clarity for you and your practice staff, we went right to the Federal agency charged with providing the incentives to get you to become a happy EHR user, CMS.


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