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7 Customer Service Tips for Physicians and Staff

7 Customer Service Tips for Physicians and Staff

Because we live in the digital age, patients now have access to an overwhelming array of medical information. Meaning they often come to their physicians and ask for specific treatments or drugs that they may not need. That places pressure on well-meaning physicians to listen and explain, yet somehow stay on top of packed patient schedules.

So how should busy physicians get through their days without giving patients short shrift? We talked to the experts to find out how physicians can conquer their greatest customer-service challenges. Here's what they said.

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Unfortunaletly not all insurance reimbursements are the same so the reality in my practice is to spend the appropriate time with that patient in accordance to the insurance reimbursement for example I see a good portion of medicaid patient in HMO's. I am only able to address 1-2 problems per visit on their problem list due to the economical pressures our clinic is under.

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