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Ten Things Physicians Wish Patients Understood

Ten Things Physicians Wish Patients Understood

Feeling misunderstood? You're not alone. We asked physicians what they wish their patients knew about their profession. Here's what they said.

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Physicians Practice


I think this (expurgated and translated to "marketing speech") would make an AWESOME inclusion in a new patient packet.

Kira @

Robin @ Tue....are you a physician?

kenney @

Maybe too negative. Is this a victim or a professional talking about his job?. I'll suggest a positive thinking!

Angel @

I wish patients knew that we run late when patients show up late and demand to be seen. They have no idea how this affects the course of our day, in terms of completing charting, reviewing stacks of labs, etc. More importantly, they have no idea of the toll it takes on our personal life, mental health, family time, ability to schedule our own doctor appointments. Respect is a two way street, and patients just do not seem to realize this.

Jennifer @

Robin must not be a physician... why are you reading this?

Curtis @

I wish people knew just what rip offs most health insurance is. Especially the ACA insurance through the pools. The ACA sells insurance at $200-$300 monthly to low income people, then sticks on a $12,500 deductible. These people only THINK they have insurance. The private insurance rates keep rising each year, the physician reimburesement keeps falling, and the insurance executives keep raking in 13-14 mil yearly. The first poster has a point that the second poster does not understand, and seems as though he/she never will. If I hire a nurse and she then spends 3-4 hrs daily doing pre-certs on pts scheduled for SCREENING mammograms, for God`s sake, there is no production going on. People such as poster #2 obviously do not understand office overhead, business, and how they can both cripple patient care.

Charles @


J. Clifton @

Your right, stand up and tell them, we need a union and band together and just stay home some Monday morning and don't go to work. The insurance is the biggest rip-off in the USA. Obamacare is next, it has raised medical costgs and lowered the hrealthcare system to the stone age. Lets all march on Washington DC and ask Boehner if we can speak to Congress !

Dr Larry @

I agree with I wish they knew how much that a doctor, especially one who owns his/her own practice makes. It is alot less than most people think. Being a doctor now a days is about patient care not about being rich.

Dana @

poor you

robin @

Would you like to follow me around just one day ? Forget getting the mail, as most insurance companies
apply a managed care deduction and reduce your billings by 75%. We are not making minimum wage.

Dr Larry @

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