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Physician Writer Search

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If you've ever dreamed of being a published writer, or are interested in what your peers have to say, check out our Physician Writer Search essays.


'My Best Practice Management Idea'
How family physician Katharina Scharruhn and her partner-husband learned to treat their practice like a business.

Physician Essays

'How My EHR and I Learned to Get Along'

When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

'I Feel I Am Successful When...'

'My Toughest Decision as a Physician'

'How the Public Views Doctors, and the Image I Wish they Saw'

'What They Should Really Teach in Medical School'

'The Work of Art that Has Most Influenced My Career'

'How I Chose My Specialty'

'The Patient Encounter That Taught Me Something New'

'My Scariest Experience as a Doctor'

'My Funniest Experience as a Doctor'

"How I Avoid Burnout"

"Tell Us How You Find Redemption"

"Tell Us How You Find Balance"

  • On Finding Balance
    Anesthesiologist Cheryl Orr, MD, on her struggle to balance the time demands of her work and family, and the tough decisions that led her to a balanced life.

"Tell Us Why You Love Your Staff"

  • 'Why I Love My Staff'
    Psychiatrist Doug Bey on how his staff helped him and his practice survive and thrive after his two heart attacks.

"The Career I Would Have Had If I Hadn't Become a Doctor"

"My Best/Worst Day as a Physician"

"What I Didn't Learn in Residency"

"Treating Friends and Family"

"The Moment I Knew I Wanted to Be a Physician"

"My Most Frustrating Patient"

"How My Hobby Has Made Me a Better Physician"

"What Surprised Me Most About Being a Physician"

"What I Do to Stay Healthy"

'What Giving Back Means to Me'

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