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What to Charge at a Direct Primary-Care Practice

What to Charge at a Direct Primary-Care Practice

The Doc Shoppe, a direct primary-care practice in Corbin, Ky., offers three membership levels for individuals, families, and small businesses.

While it also enrolls patients on a fee-for-service basis, the practice markets its membership plans as the most economical and comprehensive option for patients. The membership plans also give the practice a reliable income stream without the hassle of working with third-party insurers.


Individual plan

• $50/month for patients under age 65

• $75/month for patients age 65 and older

Family plan

• $150/month

Small business plan

• $50/month for individuals; $100 for couples; $150 for families

What's included:

• Unlimited clinic and virtual visits

• Same-day or next-day appointments

• Access to providers 24/7

• Most routine labs and tests

Other rules and fees:

• One-time, $50 registration fee to open a new billing account.

• $10 fee for payments over 30 days late; cancellation of account at 60 days overdue.

• No long-term contracts.

• Cancel for any reason after three months.

• Members must sign up for automated monthly bank transfers to cover fees.

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