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8 Issues for Physicians to Keep Top of Mind in 2017

8 Issues for Physicians to Keep Top of Mind in 2017

With Donald Trump officially becoming the president later this month, big changes are expected in the healthcare industry — beginning with the likely repeal of the ACA — which Trump has promised he would do on day one. Primary-care physicians will surely face challenges in light of this. Unlike the ACA, however, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) is likely here to stay, so physicians will need to adapt to new incentives and requirements rolling out this year.

Meanwhile, physicians will continue to grapple with a host of existing challenges such as increased workloads, the introduction of new payment models, and decreasing reimbursement. They're also faced with more pressure to provide greater value for consumers' healthcare dollars and a stronger emphasis on consumer-oriented care as competition from large networks mounts. Further, physicians need to strive toward greater coordination of care, as more non-physicians are claiming pieces of the primary-care pie.

All in all, experts foresee 2017 as a year of great change along with great challenges, for physicians. Here are the top eight issues for them to keep top of mind.

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Is anyone else as dejected as I become when I read this stuff. After 32 years practicing medicine in different arenas, I ask myself, "Why would anyone want to become a primary care physician in this environment?" Haven't we yet realized that pages of government regulations have done nothing but reduce the quality and increase the cost of care? Yet, they keep piling it on. Shortage of primary care, what a shocker!!!

Leon @

There is no doubt this is a good and realistic list.
However, I would add that an issue of concern that is not directly mentioned although implied, is the true desire of most MDS to have a therapeutic relationship with the patients and the patient family. That is a KEY to quality care..

Betty @

Great overview to keep top of mind!

Kiren @

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