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Here's a five-step way to calculate the cost of your common procedures and decide if lower reimbursement is actually fatal to your medical practice.

Lower fee-for-service rates and bundled payments may present challenges for physicians. So it's time to start planning today.

See what CMS owes your medical practice for your services by downloading the the 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.

Value-based physician compensation incentives are gaining momentum, but aren’t going away any time soon.

How to use your RVU-based physician compensation formula to promote fairness and profitability at your medical practice.

Receiving maximum practice compensation requires everyone to be on board. If you have a partner who simply won't comply with practice goals that can really hamper your practice. Here's what you can do to motivate your docs.

Some small changes at your practice can improve physician productivity, thus improving the environment for everyone.


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