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Billing massage chair use; using the AI modifier; getting paid for pulse ox.

EHR implementation in a private practice setting can be difficult. However, careful planning will set you firmly on the right path. First off, be wary of these common mistakes.

Insidious software and hidden viruses living in your computers could be threatening confidential records and practice productivity. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Billing for vitals recordings; discharge summary on a deceased patient; a wasted controlled substance.

Economic woes continue to pinch practices, and that sometimes leads to hard staffing decisions. Here’s how to handle your staff with care when payroll goes under the knife.

Social networking is all the rage, but be wary if your staff are posting updates to Facebook. Setting a few ground rules can help avoid damage to your practice.

A lingering recession and declining reimbursement make for stormy weather for practices. Check out our suggestions for how to stay dry — and in the black.


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