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Making a Smooth Transition: Avoiding the Top 5 Risks of the ICD-10 Conversion
The increased complexity of ICD-10 will require a wide variety of adaptations by health care providers. This whitepaper outlines the 5 major risks of the ICD-10 transition that your practice should expect.
ICD-10: Preparing Your Practice for the Big Changeover
On October 1, 2014, a significant change is set to occur in the health care industry: the adoption of ICD-10 codes for reporting diagnoses and procedures to payers. Learn what your EHR vendor should be working on to adapt your systems for this changeover.
How to Get Paid for Meaningful Use:
7 Tips from the EHR Trenches

2012 is the last year for physician practices to receive the full Stage 1 Meaningful Use (MU) incentive payment, but practices still have time to achieve MU and get the full award if they go live by October 3. Download this whitepaper to view important advice on how to meet Stage 1 requirements.
Navigating Payment Reform:
Thriving Through the Changes to Come

Payment reform has long been discussed in health care, as escalating costs have spurred calls for changes to the dominant fee-for-service model. Learn the capabilities you can develop to help your practice respond to the changes.





10 Key Points about the ICD-10 Transition for Medical Practices
Starting Oct. 1, 2014, all healthcare entities covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) are required to use ICD-10 codes for services. Implementing ICD-10 will benefit physician practices, patients, and the broader healthcare system. MORE


Minimizing the Lost Revenue Risk of the ICD-10 Transition
The clock is ticking for ICD-10 compliance and healthcare providers face considerable challenges ahead. There are software upgrades to implement, training classes to administer, and the widely anticipated loss of productivity to absorb as clinical and clerical staff deploy a vastly different code set for filing claims. MORE


Avoid Medical Practice Productivity Loss Due to ICD-10
Some see ICD-10 implementation as an obstacle, but it’s really a chance to improve your healthcare business skills and knowledge. Certainly there will be a learning curve with ICD-10. Codes are very different, guidelines have changed in some spots, and physician documentation needs to be more precise. You will undoubtedly need to learn the new guidelines and coding processes quickly. However, these are manageable tasks, provided you start preparing now. MORE







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