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Ten Elements of a New Employee Orientation Plan

Ten Elements of a New Employee Orientation Plan

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If your practice expects new employees to get right to work after completing their HR paperwork and receiving keys and login credentials, it's missing a huge opportunity.

Making new hires feel welcome and ready for their job role can speed the learning curve, improve the feeling of pride in the place they work, and set them up for greater success. 

Here are ten effective elements to include in your new employee orientation plan.

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Some useful recommendations. What I see that could be added that is vital, critical even is a a detailed conversation with employees about the inevitable in healthcare - where to turn for high stress, anger and disputes?

Is there a support system? What does it look like? Emotional wellness program? Stress management and anger control help? Mediation program to deescalate and diffuse hot emotions and strained relationships.

Sharing this information will greatly help new hires feel a greater sense of peace and have answers when trouble arises, and it always arises in the demanding field of healthcare.

Michael Toebe
High-Value Outcomes

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